{Melanie + James} Meadowood, St. Helena

Melanie and James are two amazingly sweet people that wanted an intimate wedding, so they chose the beautiful Meadowood Resort in St. Helena to elope and day couldn't have been more perfect.  They both currently live in Canada and they chose a lovely season to elope in California, the colorful fall leaves were everywhere.  I absolutely loved the little lace jacket that Melanie wore over her dress and all her little details.  She even had a sixpence that she placed in her shoe.  The amazingly talented Jessica, from LoveSpun Wedding Films, documented their day on video and I cannot wait to see it.  Thank you Melanie and James for choosing me to photograph your special day!

Melanie & James-24
Melanie & James-2
Melanie & James-3
Melanie & James-12
Melanie & James-14
Melanie & James-17-2
Melanie & James-37
Melanie & James-45
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Melanie & James-178
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